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The Rise of the Super Jumbo!

Dec 12,2013

These are pins you’d put on a lanyard.  We’re not talking big...we’re talking gigantic!  So what wins the crown for the most supersized Disney pin?  I’ll weigh in...

Are You Melting for FROZEN?

Dec 10,2013

First we heard the rumors: Disney is finally going to release a new movie inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's classic Snow Queen. Then speculations started: Who is the villain? What will be the merchandise like? Ohh ..are there really 2 princesses this time? Wow!

Tis' the Season - Part 1 (Disney California Adventure, Downtown Disney, & Hotels)

Dec 09,2013

Disneyland Bugle

The holiday season is finally upon us! This blog post will cover all of the holiday happenings at the Disneyland Resort and Disneyland Resort Hotels, lets take a look at what exciting experiences the Resort has to offer.

Press Release

Dec 07,2013
World Showcase in Epcot is one of my favorite places to shop at Walt Disney World Resort. With Holidays Around the World returning to Epcot, I recently spent some time strolling through the 11 World Showcase pavilions looking for great gift ideas. Here are a few highlights from my travels.

Pin Events of Days Past

Dec 05,2013

In the spirit of the Holidays were going back in time to the debut of the Haunted Mansion Holidays! What a joyful time it was for Disneyland guests of all ages to see their beloved Haunted Mansion transformed into a winter wonderland of both joyful laughter and just a little bit of terror!

Disneyland Paris Pin Trading Night November 29th 2013 Prerelease Pascal!

Dec 04,2013

Paris Gazette

Disneyland Paris Pin Trading Night November 29th 2013

EPCOT's Food & Wine Festival 2013; In Review

Dec 02,2013
Walt Disney World Tribune
When fabulous foods from around the world meet with exquisite wine tastings in Orlando Florida you are definitely taking in the fun fond at The Food and Wine Festival located in Disney's E.P.C.O.T. (Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow)

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WDW - 2014 Hidden Mickey Series - Princess Mobile Phones - Jasmine

My 2 year old loves this pin of Princess Jasmine calling her. It was the last pin we traded as we were leaving Epcot on our family vacation. She collects princesses and the evil queen. Too cute!......

TDL Oswald 110th Anniversary Ambassador Hotel

This pin does not have 2 post back it only has 1.......

Maleficent Film Opening Day Pin

this little pin packs a powerful impression. I didn't expect the grey dragon's gun-metal to have such a presence - but it does. And the lady herself, just off to the side reminding you Angelina didn't have to overact to reach you from the screen.........

The Nightmare Before Christmas in Disneyland- Sally

this is a beautiful pin. A chaser to the NBC event mystery set Could a moderator PLEASE FIX the "thumbnail"/click on description. it IS an LE 350, but the description when you click on the pin is LE: NO. The body of the description says LE 350 twice......

Pongo & Perdy

101 Dalmatians - for search purposes......

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