PinPics® Rewards Program

PinPics began in 1999 as a database to organize pin collections, but over the years, it has evolved into the largest online community of pin traders and collectors in the world. The PinPics website continues to grow thanks to the support and contributions of active members. And the PinPics Rewards Program is our way of saying thanks.

When you contribute to the PinPics site by adding a new pin, improving an existing pin listing, or sharing comments, you will receive Pin Points. And when you accumulate enough Pin Points, you will be eligible to participate in the Pins@Cost Drawings for a chance to purchase a sold-out, Limited Edition pin at the original retail cost!

The Prizes

1. Eligibility for Pins@Cost Drawings Pins@Cost Drawings

Pins@Cost Drawings

There are two major categories of official Disney pins. The Open Edition pins are available everywhere. These pins are sold online, and in virtually every Disney park, attraction, or hotel location. These pins rarely appreciate in value, but they’re suitable for pin trading.

Limited Edition pins are highly sought by collectors because of their rarity. Depending on the size of the edition, there may only be 300 (or fewer) of the pin in existence. Most Limited Edition pins sell out in a matter of days, if not hours. Even if you do live near a park, you need to be willing to wait in line up to 24 hours just for a chance to pull a lucky lottery number and obtain a Limited Edition pin before it sells out. Most pin collectors have to purchase Limited Edition pins on the secondary market, buying them from dealers or on eBay, but the higher the demand for the pin, the more expensive it will be.

At PinPics, we think everyone should have a chance to own a Limited Edition Pin. That’s why we created the Pins@Cost program. Throughout the year, the PinPics team braves the lines to purchase hot new Limited Edition pins. Every month that you maintain at least 20 Pin Points, you will be eligible to participate in the Pins@Cost drawings, and you could have the chance to purchase a sold-out, highly collectible, Limited Edition pin at the original retail price! Pins@Cost features only the best and most desired Limited Edition pins. Some of the previous Pins@Cost pins now sell in the secondary market for hundreds of dollars.

1. If you've collected 20 Pin Points within three (3) months of the date of the drawing, you’ll receive an invitation to participate!

2. To specify which pin you'd like to win, you'll be linked to fill out a form to select and rank your choices from most desirable to least for the pins available that interest you. You *MUST* fill out this invitation-only form to participate.

3. A randomizer will select from the eligible participants and determine who wins which prize using the following criteria:

  1.    Winner #1: first choice of available pins
  2.    Winner #2: if your first choice wasn't elected by Winner #1, you'll get your first choice, otherwise, you'll get your second choice.
  3.    Winner #3: if your first/second choice wasn't elected by Winner #1/#2, you'll get your first/second choice, otherwise, you'll get your third choice.
  4.    All other winners: you'll be offered the top choice still available that you indicated an interest in. If you only chose three pins, and you are ranked fourth in the drawing, and the top three winners already selected your choice, your name will be skipped.

Drawings will be announced on the slider of the Index page and the PinTalk forum and other social media outlets.

2. Discounts of 20% on PinPics® Store merchandise

Rules of Engagement

Every member is automatically signed up for the PinPics Rewards Program -- basically, the more you contribute to the community, the more points you earn! Each time a moderator approves one of your contributions, you receive Pin Points. This is an on-going program, with a start date of July 1, 2015. You accumulate points in a rolling three month collection window. Any month where you have accumulated 20 Pin Points during that window, you will be eligible for the Pins@Cost drawings.

You can see your current Pin Points on your "My Pins Profile" page.

Active moderators are automatically eligible for the Pins@Cost drawings.

Earn Pin Points! Leaderboard

Add a Pin that gets Approved
2 pts

Pins are approved once the following information has been checked. The more accurate you are, the more likely your version of the pin (in case of multiple additions of the same pin) will be the one approved.

  1. 1. Naming Convention is Correct Naming Convention

    Identify Where Pin was Released

    ABD - Adventures by Disney
    MLB - (Major League Baseball) these are licensed by Disney
    WDW - Walt Disney World only *
    DLR - Disneyland Resort only *
    DSSH - (Disney Studio Store Hollywood) formerly DSF (Disney Soda Fountain
    WDI - Walt Disney Imagineer pins which are exclusive to cast members
    D23 - These pins are exclusive to D23 members
    DVC - Disney Vacation Club (should only be available to DVC members)
    DLP - Disneyland Paris **
    HKDL - Hong Kong Disneyland
    Jerry Leigh - These pins are licensed from Disney
    TDS - Tokyo DisneySea
    TDL - Tokyo Disneyland
    Mickey and Pals - licensed to sell
    Disney Auctions - these pins are LE 100 and no longer produced, but highly sought after
    Disney Auctions (P.I.N.S.) - these pins followed after Disney stopped the
    DA releases...the edition sizes varied they also went the way of the dinosaurs.
    Disney Movie Club - these pins are available to VIP members only with purchase of DVD
    Club 33 - pins which are only available at Club 33.

    * all open edition pins are usually shared releases
    -- not exclusive to the park you bought it --
    lately more and more LE's are also

    ** Name changed: EuroDisney --> Disneyland Paris --> Disneyland Resort Paris --> Disneyland Paris

    Next, specify the specific park or event (if applicable)

    Note: WDW has four of them: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom or event

    MNSSHP = Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party (followed by a year)

    MVMCP = Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party (followed by a year) or a Pin Event which WDW holds annually.

    Finally, name the dominant character(s) on the pin - please pay attention to spelling.

  2. 2. Image Clearly and Accurately Displays the Pin

    A successful image highlights the pin (not the backer card or the inside of your pin trading book). The Image should focus on the pin.

  3. 3. Accurate SKU

    Correct SKUs can be found on the packaging of the Pin. A correctly done SKU for pins issued in the parks should look something like 2078010150037 with no spaces or dashes.

  4. 4. Detailed Description

    A good description will have any characters that are on the pin, what they are wearing, what they are doing. It will give any words that appear onthe pin. Think of looking at a picture and describing it. Also, any movie it may have come from, or other associations the pin may have improves the probability of it being found in a search. Also, include the size and backstamp information as well.

  5. 5. Accurate Release Date

    This can be found on the back of pin.

  6. 6. Accurate Origin, Type, Class, Limited Edition and Categories

    Do the best you can, our Moderators can help with this.

Pin Image Improvement
1 pt

Improves the clarity and visibility of the pin. A successful image highlights the pin (not the backer card or the inside of your pin trading book). The Image should focus on the pin.

SKU Correction
1 pt

For missing or inaccurate SKUs, correct SKUs added from packaging of the Pin. A correctly done SKU for pins issued in the parks should look something like 2078010150037 with no spaces or dashes. This would be the easiest way to search for a pin in the database, if we had all the correct SKUs listed, but unfortunately, we don't (yet!).

Add a Pin Comment
1 pt

Supplemental information (for example: if the Description is missing a Disney association that would help with the search, and can either be added to the Description), or add to the understanding or enjoyment of the pin.

Add a Pin Counterfeit / Scrapper Note
1 pt

A counterfeit or scrapper pin is made during an official run and meant to be discarded or destroyed (scrapped) for not meeting quality control standards. Counterfeit pins are actually more usually trademark/copyright infringements as they have copied the original design to produce them. If there are non-released pins and an over-abundance of LE pins appearing on auctions sites, please include the link(s) which we will check (links will be removed before we approve the note). General comments indicating paint variations or "bumps in the paint" on someone's personal pin will not be approved.

Add Blog
5 pts

Add a Trip Report or Value-Adding Blog to PinTalk.