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I collect cats, all of them including Stitch.

<^^> If it even resembles a feline, I collect it. Domestic, wild, imaginary, mythical,,, ALL. OF. THEM. Stitch is a cat, too. I don't care that Disney called him a "dog" in the movie, he's a cat as far as I'm concerned and I collect him. <^^> I am attempting to become a Lucifer (from Cinderella) and Si & Am (from Lady and The Tramp) completist. Willing to trade multiples to make this happen. <^^> If you have a pin you think I might like to trade for but it's not listed on my wants list, contact me anyways! I'm always happy to look. <^^> If you cannot provide references I am able to verify we can always have a moderator assist us in a monitored trade.