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    Disney Soda Fountain

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    April 13, 2013

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    April 13, 2013

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This Limited Edition pin collection celebrates some of the most beloved Disney animated films. This pin features the movie, The Princess and the Frog. Princess Tiana is leaning on a balcony and Naveen (as a frog) is smiling at Tiana.

Like everyone else in Southern California last week was spent planning, debating and keeping up with what was going on at DSF. While we all know by now that this Beloved Tales release was a challenge. Anyone who was at Soda Fountain last Friday night is now having flashbacks of their own. Countless tales were told and made but the ones that rose to the top were the pins themselves. Giselle decided to be fashionably late and forced DSF to take their first ever pre-order for a pin! Wall-e, Bolt and Tiana were the three other pins released, in this review we will look at the Beloved Tales "Princess & the Frog" starring Tiana. The pin is the classic round shape and comes on the ivory and gold backer card used exclusively for Beloved Tales. It shows us Tiana dressed in her blue gown dreaming the evening away on a balcony somewhere in New Orleans wearing a glamourous tiara. On the bannister sits Prince Naveen in his charming frog form. He is smiling his most dashing smile at Tiana, who does not look impressed. What I appreciate most are the color choices for the background on this pin. There is a sherbet orange glowing from inside the door behind Tiana. The walls outside are two tones of purple, one lilac and the other a royal purple, the window panels are tinted a soft pink. The use of these four colors to create the backdrop for the characters is what truly sets this pin apart. Think about it they could have just made it easy and went with a single color but instead multiple hues were used that invoke the feeling of a cool night. I can almost see the stars above and hear the crickets chirping. Another favorite feature of this pin is the use of the textured background that has been glossed over creating a shimmering effect. The balcony is also detailed with cutouts and painted an emerald green. Tiana herself looks good compared to other renditions, but there is still something off, her nose looks a bit sharp and there is a considerable gap between her eyes leaving too much negative space on her face..the expression on her may also have something to do with it. Prince Naveen is a pin on pin element and looks to be the right size, he sits on top of the balcony. There is a flaw in this particular pin I am using to write the review and I think it is worth pointing out for reference. The purple wall has some underlying blemishes that create dark and shadowy spots that take away from the overall finish of the pin. The pin itself is shockingly light, I do not know if it is lighter than earlier Beloved Tales but it is definitely a reflection of the quality of the materials used for the pin. The back of the pin has the DSF ice cream cones but there is a boarder around the entire rim of the pin. It also appears that some discoloration happened during the post attachment, it is especially noticeable around the top post. The Disney Soda Fountain & Studio Store logo is stamped on the back above another box that reads Limited Edition 300 (c) Disney china. The two nubs that attach Prince Naveen to this pin are slightly to the right of this box. Taking everything in to account I can find aspects of the pin I truly appreciate and others are a bit dis enchanting leaving me no choice but to give this pin..... 3 out of 5 stars. - disneyfreak619
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