Pin 101589 DLR - Dateline: Disneyland 1955 - Super Jumbo Pin - Disneyland Park Map (PRE PRODUCTION/PROTOTYPE) - Variation

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Front Description
**This is the Pre Production/Prototype variation version of pin 76476** This super jumbo pin utilizes multiple pin-on-pins, glitter fills and slider elements to bring the stunning artwork to life. The pin features a map of Disneyland Park and measures approximately 4.75" tall by 5.75" wide. The many characters, attractions and icons on the pin include: Chip and Dale on Autopia Disneyland Railroad Donald Duck on the Jungle Cruise (passing a hippo) Goofy in a spacesuit Huey, Dewey and Louie riding the Mad Tea Party Minnie Mouse riding Dumbo the Flying Elephant The Moonliner Pluto in Frontierland Reporter Mickey Mouse Sleeping Beauty Castle Tinker Bell This pin is stamped PP on the back. There are many paint AND character pose variations on this pin compared to the actual release pin. Character Pose variations: 1) On this Prototype pin Huey, Dewey, and Louie are all 3 featured on the tea cup with no bodies! Their bottom halves are seen as just round white bodies with no legs (except Dewey has just half of 1 leg showing). They are featured as though they are on the teacup and not "in" the teacup. The gold rim line of the teacup runs right on top of their stomach's. It's like it wasn't designed quite right yet. On the actual release, they are designed with their bottoms not showing and they are "in" the teacup. 2) On this PP pin Huey, Dewey, and Louie are all shown with their hands carelessly in the air and having a good time. On the actual release, the pin was redesigned with them each having one hand holding on to the teacup and in the air. The pin was redesigned so it wouldn't glorify showing characters not practicing safety on rides by not holding on. 3) On this PP pin Dewey is facing and leaning to the right. On the actual release, he is shown facing and leaning to the left. This was probably redesigned because Mickey's ear covers Dewey's arm on this PP pin. Redesigning Dewey to leaning and face the right allows for some space in that area. 4) Dewey doesn't have a hat on this PP. He is holding a hat on the actual release. 5) Minnie is riding on a Dumbo vehicle with her hands carelessly in the air on this PP. On the actual release, she is practicing safety and holding on with both hands inside the vehicle. 6) On of the teeth on the Hippo was designed as a separate shape not touching the Hippo's mouth on this PP. On the actual release, the tooth is designed to be longer and touches the mouth. Paint variations: 1) Louie and Huey's hats are black with red/green. On the actual release, they are red/green with white. 2) Mickey's microphone is blue like his jacket on this PP. On the actual release, the microphone is grey. 3) The space between Minnie and Dumbo is a solid white paint fill on this PP . On the actual release, that space is cut out in the metal. 4) All the large mass backgrounds are done in translucent paint on this PP- the pink color background for Tomorrowland and Fantasyland is translucent and the yellow for Frontierland is translucent.. On the actual release, the paint is solid color. 5) The brown on the Fort and Pluto's Davy Crockett hat is a light yellow-brown color on this PP. On the actual release, it is a regular brown color.

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