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Front Description
This is a hinged pin with the addition of a hidden dangle gimmick. The front of this pin looks like nothing more then a parody cereal box. An orange shape in the top right corner advertises that this cereal is “Slimy...Yet Satisfying.” Below this shape is a dark green background. “Timon's Bugs and Grubs” is written out across the top with Timon's being a golden yellow, Bugs being red, & being a pale yellow and Grubs being orange. Timon himself is peeking in from the bottom right. His right arm is stretched out holding a leaf acting as a plate, which is holding a large red "grub" and two pale yellow worms. A mix of light green and dark green leaves act as a background. Three red tab-like boxes run along the bottom right that include the numbers for things like calories and such. These numbers include “06 | 24 | 94” which also doubles as June 24, 1994 which was the theatrical release date for The Lion King. A red banner to the right of these tabs states “Surprise Inside Box!” This “box” opens like a book and the dangle gimmick falls out with the an orange and golden yellow drawing of Simba as a cub, similar to the one Rafiki draws on the tree in the film at the end of the chain. On the left of the open box is a classic cereal box game “Lion King Word Search” with the circled names of Simba, Scar, Rafiki, Pumba, Zazu, Mufasa, Nala, Timon, Sarabi, and Shenzi embossed below the title. A photo print of a bag of cereal of flakes with worms and blue dot-shaped marshmallows is placed on the right. The back of this pin has the Mickey waffling and two vertical posts. Between the posts are three info boxes that include the Official 2020 Pin Trading Logo, the Edition size, and the (C) Disney - Made in China info. The FAC runs vertical to the left of the Official Pin Trading Logo

Back Description

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