Pin 62612 WDI - Stitch Dressed in Cast Member Costumes - Haunted Mansion

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    June 9, 2008

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Welcome to Stitch's Haunted Mansion. This pin looks eerily like the Master Gracey costume worn by Cast Members at Disney Parks. Stitch is wearing a dark green jacket/suit coat and dark green pants, with a lavender/light purple vest/waistcoat, white shirt and black tie. Size: approx. 1 3/4" H x 1 1/4" W. Back of pin: gold-finished, sand-textured, 2 pin posts; Walt Disney Imagineering logo Imagineer Exclusive Limited Edition of 300 © Disney China Part of Series - Stitch Dressed in Cast Member Costumes. Pins in this series: 57725, 57726, 62612, 71332, 71333, 71334 and 71335

A grail to Stitch and Haunted Mansion collectors alike, let's take a look at what makes this pin one of the hottest wants on PinPics. A hit from day one, this pin artistically stood out from an ongoing Stitch series wearing cast member costumes at the Disney parks. I believe it's entire popularity is not just because it holds the very popular character of stitch or contains a feature of the ride with the most rabid fan base. There are other pins that tried to duplicate this pins success to moderate results. What makes it special in my opinion is in the design and style, a perfect pose of face and body to complement better than any other pin to date Disney's finest costume, the Master Gracey suit. That the costume has changed very little over the years is a testament to the genius of its style, textures and colors. It is as much a classic as the ride. Working in Disneyland many years ago, i and most others looked on in envy (except those very hot summer days) at those who were lucky enough to wear the costume and even today I regret not taking a few opportunities offered to cross train and suit up for whatever they needed me for at the Haunted Mansion. The packaging is typical of Imagineering releases, a small plastic wrapped black backer. The dark green color of the pants and jacket expertly capture the almost velvety texture of the costume while the purple of the vest is a spot on match for the inside of Stitches ears. Instead of designing the suit to fit stitch as they did with the other pins in the series they have let it drape and hang from his body in a way that gives us a feeling of creepy pleasure. Stitch is almost a zombie, stiff and unmoving, eyes with a hollow eerieness. A perfect complement of colors and pose to show off the true star. The pin is made of soft enamel and metal with just the right amount of detail so not to take away from the other elements at work. A change in the size is the only thing I would wish for with this wonderful pin. It's current size is not a detriment in any way as it is now, having to follow the series scale, but another inch would have made this pin soar into the realm of perfection and a defining Stitch pin regardless of the subject matter. The back of the pin contains two pin backs, a happy result for a somewhat small pin, but does not contain any kind of pattern or counterfeit unfriendly markings to go with somewhat uneven writing on the back. Such a lack of defenses make me somewhat weary of this pin on the secondary market. Know your source! At $8 in 2008 it would be considered a steal today. The perfect combination of character, style and color to show off the real star of the pin, the spectacular Haunted Mansion costumes. A rock steady grail for all Disney pin collectors. Highly recommend I give this pin a 4out of 5. - xiolen
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