Pin 7432 DS - 100 Years of Dreams - #24 Grumpy

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    Disney Store USA

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    Yes, but edition size unknown

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    October 13, 2001

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This is pin #24 from the 100 Years of Dreams series of pins from The Disney Store. It is part of a series that will link together to form a train. This pin shows Grumpy (from Snow White) in sitting a mine car. He holds a pick over his right shoulder, and a lantern in his left hand. "GRUMPY" appears on the side of the cart in blue letters. SIZE: approx. 1.5" W x 1.5" H The back of the mine cart pin says "PIN #24, ©DISNEY 2001, MADE IN CHINA". Dark silver/black metal. One pin post with 2 nubs. The back has a repeating "Walt Disney's" wording pattern. The pins in the Dwarf mine car series include: #7220, #7432, #7591, #7679, #7751, #7928, #8114, and #8270. Moderator Update: Please be advised that there are unauthorized versions of these pins being sold from China directly to individuals not associated with Disney. No one can guarantee the authenticity of this pin unless purchased directly through Disney. Some signs to spot a counterfeit version: 1) The authentic has 1 pin post with 2 nubs. NO prongs on the pin post! The fake has 1 pin post that has a prong on the base of the pin post piece - and it does not have any nubs 2) The counterfeit version is a thinner in thickness compared to the authentic. And the edges of the pin are not shiny and smooth on the fakes. The authentics have a nice super shiny smoothness around the edges. 3) All the paint on the fakes is much darker and bolder. The orange on the cart is almost neon color. 4) All the metal lines on the counterfeits are thicker than on the authentics. 5) The metal chain link on the cart is a slightly smaller size ring on the fakes. 6) On the back of the authentic pins, the repeating word "Disney's" has a space in between the "Y" and "S" to allow for the apostrophe. In the fake versions, there is no space and the "Y" and "S" is right up against each other and the apostrophe is squeezed in.

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