Pin 78076 Mickey Mouse Icon - Blue Cutout

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Front Description
This open edition pin features a cut-out of the silhouette of Mickey Mouse's head. The pin is round, the background is blue and the base metal is silver. Moderator Update: Please be advised that there are unauthorized versions of these pins being sold from China directly to individuals not associated with Disney. No one can guarantee the authenticity of this pin unless purchased directly through Disney. Some signs to spot a counterfeit version: 1) The counterfeit version is a little thinner in thickness compared to the authentic. 2) The paint on the fakes is a super shiny glossy paint. The paint on an authentic is regular smooth, nice flat finish with a regular gloss. 3) The pin post on the fake has a little anti-swivel prong on the side attached at the base. The authentic has NO prongs, NO nubs, nothing on the or around the pin post. 4) The Mickey icon pattern on the back does go off the edge on the counterfeits as well as the authentics. However, on the bottom of the back is a box containing (C)DISNEY CHINA. On the authentic pin, the box is a rectangular box that is just big enough to contain the words and there is no extra room on the sides of the longest word - (C)DISNEY. On the fake, the box is extra long and there is empty space on the sides of the words inside the box.

Back Description

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the pin i found is slightly warped, and just like description the pin has a big gap between each side of (C) Disney - minniemouse23
There is no official disney trading logo anywhere on the pin. - JimBob73
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