Pin 85073 WDI - Sorcerer Hats Mystery Pin Collection - Pirates of the Caribbean

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    WDI - Walt Disney Imagineering

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    Yes, but edition size unknown

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    $9.95 per blind box

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Front Description
This listing is for the purpose of displaying the full collection of this particular series. This collection is not sold as a set, but only in individual sealed bags inside mystery boxes. Mickey's of Glendale is proud to release another exclusive ongoing pin series utilizing the sorcerer hat as a blank canvas for creative and unique designs based on the characters and attractions found in the Disney Parks. This WDI release of the Sorcerer Hats Mystery Pin Collections is a unique collection to commemorate the opening the the feature film, Pirates of the Caribbean, On Stranger Tides. The Sorcerer Hats series features Disney parks icons, attractions and holiday design inspired pins. The theme of all the pins in this Pirates of the Caribbean collection is from the park attraction. This series was made available only to Cast Members and their guests. The pins in this and future collections will be sold individually in various colored (in this case, black) boxes with a Sorcerer's Hat (in this case, with a pirates skull and crossed swords) on the front of the box, the name of the collection below the illustration of the Hat (in this case, Pirates of the Caribbean), and the back of the box will have color pictures of the 5 individual pins (in this case 6)and their LE#'s, except for the LE150 Mystery Chaser pin, which in this series is shown on the back of the box as a red Sorcerer Hat with a white question mark (?) on it. The pins vary in edition size with one of them being an LE 250, three are LE 200 and the Chaser pin is an LE 150. In this case there is an alternate version of a pin and the LE is split (see below). All the pins are shaped like Mickey's Sorcerer Hat from Fantasia, but the surface of the pin has different designs and colors on them that relate to a particular series. Pins in this "Pirates of the Caribbean" Collection include: #84669 - Peg Leg Pirate Parrot - LE 250 #84670 - Dog with Jail Key (Black) - LE 200 #84782 - Dog with Jail Key (Gold) - LE 50 #84671 - Skeleton Helmsman - LE 200 #84672 - Blue Bayou Swamp & Boathouse - LE 200 #84673 - Jolly Roger (Mystery Chaser) - LE 150. The total edition size of the Sorcerer Hats boxes, each of which contains one of the LE pins randomly packed in a sealed black plastic bag inside the box, for this collection and future Sorcerer Hats collections is 1000 boxes. A complete collection of this "Pirates of the Caribbean" collection (as well as all future collections in the Sorcerer Hats series, such as "Characters," "Attractions," Imagineers," Colors," etc.) is restricted to the number of the smallest Limited Edition pin (which in this and in future collections will be the LE150 of the Chaser pin), therefore there can only be 150 complete sets of all five pins. The exception is the split pin in this series, which is an LE 50. The back of the pins have 2 pin posts and a WDI Sorcerer Hat icon waffle pattern. Between the posts it has the following: Sorcerer Hats Mystery Pin Collection Walt Disney Imagineering Imagineer Exclusive LIMITED EDITION ___ (The number will vary by pin.) ©Disney Each pin in this collection measures approx. 2" X 1 1/2". Note: The backstamp on the Dog with Jail Key Black version has a backstamp of LE 200, but confirmed with WDI and the designer of the pin that there are 150 black keys and 50 gold keys for a total of 200 pins. All the Pirate Dog pins were suppose to have a backstamp that says LE 200 so the edition size of the gold key variant would be unknown. Unfortunately, the manufacturer messed up and put L.E. 50 on the back of the variants. So not only is the gold key variant rare, it can also be considered an "error pin" due to the fact that the backstamp is suppose to say L.E. 200 and not L.E. 50!

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