Pin 94703 DSF - Pin Trader Delight PTD - Rapunzel GWP

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    Disney Soda Fountain

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    January 05, 2013

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    January 06, 2013

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This pin features Rapunzel from Tangled. She is sitting in her iconic pose drinking a milkshake that is wrapped around by her famous long locks of hair. This pin is a GWP with a Pin Trader Delight sundae. Please note that the ice cream pattern does not run off the edge of the pin. There is a very clear border around the back of all the pins. The back of the pin reads: Disney Soda Fountain & Studio Store Limited Edition 300 DISNEY China

Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair… and maybe a few hundred dollars too because that’s what I’m going to need if I want to own one of the new Rapunzel Pin Trader Delight Pins from Disney’s Soda Fountain. Ok, so maybe that’s an exaggeration, but if current trends are any indication, this PTD pin will soon reach higher and higher into the hundreds of dollars in value. And with all the recent hype I think we might just need a pin review for this little gem. DSF strikes again with another fantastic pin in both size and design. As one of the biggest PTD’s that we’ve ever seen, Rapunzel gets to show off all of her beauty and charm. A brief look at the stats and basic information on PinPics #94703 shows us that in a little over a week this pin already has 164 wanting to only 38 trading! The back of the pin is golden metal, with the regular DSF ice-cream cones, Disney copyright, and Limited Edition 300. From the ones I’ve seen there is a distinct border to the back, so the cones don’t go off the pin, but stop a little before the edge. I know we’ve all seen this pose before and sometimes poses can be overdone, but for this pin I think we all can agree the pose really does Rapunzel justice. With her flowing golden hair surrounding the whole pin and even encircling the milkshake, and with the hair looping around and back into itself, the hair actually seems like it figure eights indefinitely. The colors fit seamlessly together. The pink, the purple, and the gold dazzle us, making this pin just as much fun as all the other most wanted Rapunzel pins. I think the lovability of Rapunzel the character and the bold yellows and pinks of the pins is one of the main reasons these pins got so popular in the first place; which is why this pin is instantly a hit for all Tangled collectors. And of course, who doesn’t love that her milkshake matches her dress? I think my favorite part of the pin has to be the way it seems like she’s staring dreamily into the eyes of someone next to her, probably Flynn. She sips at her frozen treat, nonchalantly, with a cute little half grin on her face. I personally believe she sat down at the counter next to Flynn and just can’t keep her eyes off of him, not even to look at what she’s sipping. A lot went right with this pin, but let’s take a moment to see what went wrong. I honestly think the only issue has to be her face. Her chin is a little too pointed, her eyes need just a little more detail to be truly be mesmerizing, and her ear pops out too much, making it seem just a little monkey like. However, all that doesn’t stop me from giving this pin.... 4 pin backs out of 5. It’s a well-made pin with lots of character and because of that, I think this pin won’t be going down in value any time soon. - disneyfreak619
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