Pin 95110 DSF - Beloved Tales - Tangled (surprise release)

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This Limited Edition pin collection celebrates some of the most beloved Disney films. This pin commemorates Tangled. Flynn Rider & Rapunzel are shown on the gondola during the lanterns scene of the move at the moment where Rapunzel is touching her parents' lantern.

Oh the Beloved Tales Tangled pin! We’ve been waiting for you! Tangled collectors and pin traders from around the world have been eagerly awaiting this pin’s release and on January 26th DSF surprised us all! They even coupled this with an event pin, Tangled themed of course! With both BT collectors and Tangled collectors scrambling to get this pin, the wants have already shot up to over 200 in less than a month! Let’s jump right into the specs for the pin. The pin retailed at $12.95, the normal price for BT pins these days, and has the same circular shape with 2 inch circumference as the other BT pins, but of course this one has a fun pin on pin element. The back of the pin has the ice cream cones and has a clear border where the ice cream cones stop before the edge of the pin. The DSF logo is proudly displayed with the Limited Edition 300, the copyright, and China all in a square in the middle. The good! I love that they picked the Gondola and lanterns scene. This was the emotional climax of the movie where Rapunzel finally gets to see the lanterns and she realizes that she loves Flynn. What a powerful moment to put onto a pin. Featuring the lanterns in the background, her parents’ lantern in the front, as well as the striking royal blue of the sky, this pin is gorgeous to behold. The detail on the parents’ lantern, coupled with the sparkles, is such a neat addition. I love that the water reflects the boat and its passengers. What a fun technique! The gondola and characters are pin on pin, making for a nice pop! It’s a very simple pin, but I like that about it. It doesn’t need to have a lot going on to be a great pin. The bad! Not too much to complain about this pin, although we can always find something can’t we? Overall the pin itself is very nice, the colors work well, and the pin on pin feature (including the slight jutting out of the circle) makes the pin better than the average pin; however, there is one thing that bugged me. The faces are all wrong. Rapunzel is supposed to be cute and joy should be plastered on her face. Instead her face I is smooshed together, her eyes have no color, and her mouth has a strange half smirk that sort of looks like a puppy’s mouth with an overhanging upper lip. And his face looks like a child drew it since his mouth is a curved line and his eye is sort of a smudge with a line. There is no real emotion on his face and the detail is lacking. I think the faces needed to be redone and then this pin would really have been excellent. So… after thinking about this a lot I am going to give this pin 3 pin backs out of 5 because there are much better BT pins out there and I just can’t get over those faces; however, this is still a great pin and wonderful addition to any collection, Tangled or otherwise. - disneyfreak619
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